Orbis Lituaniae
Talentas: 9.40

Orbis Lituaniae

Data: 2013-03-07
Nuoroda: http://www.ldkistorija.lt/
Kūrėjas: Gaumina Gaumina

Lithuania has a great history, but online sources provide it in quite boring manner. A system that presents history and culture of Grand Duchy of Lithuania is also an unconventional tool of education which we managed to create as engaging and interesting piece to read for a reader of any age.

History of Grand Duchy of Lithuania we narrated using 120 interesting scenarios that visually and verbally depict historical facts and events. Readers will discover 45 special animations enriched with voiceovers and sound effects. We were looking for the best plot, characters, poses and angles, authentic details of specific years to illustrate each turn of history of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Modern design and trendy content solution was determined project's particularity – it contains tons of content. We wanted users to focus attention on content, easy search and reading, and that’s why we hid navigation elements – they appear on demand.

The website became huge compound of rich and engaging content about Grand Duchy of Lithuania.